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Built-in or freestanding, configurable vertically or horizontally, you will appreciate the versatility of this wood storage unit. It will most certainly find its place in your decor, whether next to your wood stove, close to your heater or the entrance where it can be used as a bench when positioned horizontally. For a pure and minimalist décor, the box can be integrated inside one of your walls. A finishing trim is provided for this flawless look. Very sturdy, this heavy-steel (14 ga) wood storage is powder-coated and can accommodate logs up to 18" in length. The steel frame contains four concealed wooden blocks to prevent premature wear of your floors. An accessories storage drawer (17" x 15" x 6") is available as an option. Conveniently put away the poker and shovel included with this drawer! Delivered in a compact package, this wood storage unit is very easily assembled. You will be impressed! Made in Canada.

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